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Welcome to Paige's Poochie Parlour

We are a Dog groomers and boutique. We have two branches located in Romford and Hornchurch.

We offer dog grooming services for all breeds from small to large. The most important thing for us at Paige's Poochie parlour is for all dogs that visit us to feel comfortable when being groomed and to make sure your dog wants to come back.

We do not believe in muzzling a dog unless it is absolutely needed so if your dog is just a little bit snappy and you are concerned about them being upset by being muzzled or distressed then bring them along to us. We do not cage any dogs unless there are extreme circumstances, once your dog is groomed they will be allowed to relax and roam the parlour in a secure area (Romford branch) or relaxing in a open plan pen (Hornchurch branch) until you collect.

We also work on a no tie basis. We do not EVER use belly belts and do not tie dogs up unless we feel there is an increased risk of them coming off the grooming table. We feel this makes the groom a more comfortable experience and is less distressing for your pooches. We are more than used to handling all breeds and dealing with nervous dogs and we welcome any breed of dog to come in and spend some time with us whether it's for a full groom, a trim, a nail clip or a wash and dry.

We have done the shop up to make it a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for any dog that enters. Whether your dog is a pampered pooch or a do it yourself dog we will accommodate accordingly. I'm lucky enough to have one of each at home so I get the best of both worlds. We offer collection and drop off for a very small charge.

Our rates are very reasonable and we keep them low! We will also be stocking clothes from around the world for our furry friends, shampoos, perfumes, brushes, treats and hair bows. Any queries or for a price for your pooch please feel free to contact us on: Romford Branch: 07710 60 70 75 Hornchurch Branch: 07874 86 24 81